Our customers include:

We're helping THL with their accountingWe're helping Disaster Prepare with their accountingWe're helping Alpha with their accountingWe're helping La Cloche with their accountingWe're helping Chiro Balance with their accountingWe're helping Cuisine 360 with their accountingWe're helping Flight Group with their accountingWe're helping MSO Design with their accountingWe're helping Key Commercial with their accountingWe're helping Goldings Free Dive with their accountingWe're helping Goldings Free Dive with their accounting
“It’s refreshing to have Chartered Accountants who see more than compliance. Since working with iif we’ve been able to make better business decisions, knowing we’re on the right path.”John Roche, AlphaNZ Technology

Accounting, Tax & Tech

Proactive accounting and tax, with clever apps to save you time

Strategy & Accountability

Strategy, planning and direction, with support to control your future
Build & Protect Wealth
Develop extra profits and an investor attitude to generate future wealth

What makes iif Chartered Accountants so different?

In our experience, business owners get the most from their Chartered Accountant when they’re talking about more than accounting and tax.
The value comes from conversations about cashflow, profitability, and working capital. Conversations about structuring, asset protection, and minimising risk, together with investments, property, and wealth creation. Then through conversations about accounting and tax – this is the end, not the beginning.
We’re focused on these conversations, and involving your other professionals (like your lawyer, risk advisor and mortgage broker) to make sure nothing falls through the gaps and that your financial health is in good-shape through your Financial Blueprint.
To us it’s common sense that all your professional advisors are on the same page, and sit down in the same room together – if we’re all working on the same blueprint for your financial future then you’ll get there quicker. If you don’t have a team around you already, then we’re happy to introduce you to the team we’ve built and are working with closely on a daily basis.

Aside from collaboration, there’s a fair few other reasons to work with us:

  • Upfront pricing so you know what you’re up for
  • All new customers go through our onboarding process which means we learn about what’s important to you and your business (we won’t just trot out a standard package)
  • We’ve been there and done that. As a high growth business ourselves, we understand the ups (and downs) which means we’re well placed to help you grow

Ultimately we’re focused on:

  1. Making the complicated accounting and tax simple, and introducing you to clever technology (like Xero) to save you time
  2. Improving the design of how your business operates, keeping you in control
  3. Managing your cashflow and funding so you don’t miss opportunities (like that investment property) due to tight cash
  4. Growing and protecting your wealth by creating an ‘investor attitude’, making you financially independent from your business or job

We do this by:

  • Understanding where you’re at on the Business Growth Curve, to identify what’s made you successful to date, and what’s holding you back from taking your business to the next level
  • Meeting with you (generally) three times per year to review your situation, reset your tactics for the coming months, and to walk with you to put those tactics into play
  • Looking at more than just accounting and tax (for example by altering your revenue streams, developing an exit strategy, understanding your fixed capital requirements, or identifying your investment strategy)

Some of the people we’re endorsed by or work with include:

We're Chartered AccountantsWe're Xero gold partnersWe use and support Debtor DaddyWe use and support WorkflowmaxWe use and support Receipt BankWe use and support Spotlight ReportingWe use and support SuiteFilesWe use and support PowerBI


We’ve built a collection of resources to manage your cash, increase profits, manage taxes, build wealth and more

 Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a collection of the questions we often come across, with quick and easy answers.

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What to expect

We know that changing accountant can seem like more hassle than it’s worth – you may think they’re all the same and the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Rest assured, we’re different, and we make the change as simple as possible (we’ll even break up with your old accountant for you).
Yes, we may ask a few extra questions to get everything worked out, but long term you’ll be in safe hands and have a financial blueprint for your business.
Here’s what works best in our experience:
Initial catch up (coffee or wine anyone?)

This is to find out if there’s common ground between us and if we want to work together. If there is, great, let’s keep talking. If not, no problem, it was good to meet you!

We’ll arrange a Discovery Session

The Discovery Meeting is designed to find out about you and your business in more detail. This helps us to understand the types of proactive advice you need to run your business.

If you’re open to it, we prefer to involve your other professional advisors in this session – it makes sure everyone’s on the same page and driving you in the same direction. If you’re not working closely with other advisors, we’re happy to introduce you to people we work closely with (they attend at no charge, and no obligation).

Our Recommendations

After the Discovery Session, we’ll put some thought into the issues you’re facing and your family and business objectives. We’ll then come up with blueprint to work towards over the coming years. At this stage we’ll also give you some fixed prices so you know the investment required.

The recommended action plan typically covers:

  • Accounting compliance, and any tax planning required
  • Business strategy to identify how we can help you move through the Business Growth Curve
  • Advisory work on any specific projects you need undertaken (like working capital analysis, or investment property growth plans)
  • Working with your other advisors to make sure you’ve got things like your wills, insurances, HR and debt structures sorted.
We’re underway

Let’s get moving. We’ll arrange the transfer over from your previous accountant (we can break up with them for you if that helps). Working in with your time frames and budgets, we’ll fit our blueprint around what works best for you.

A few other points to note:

  1. You won’t be offered a Gold/Silver/Bronze package. We think it’s better to tailor something specific for you and your business, based on our Discovery Session.
  2. You’ll get a fixed price quote before we start any work, which you can pay monthly.
  3. We’re not the cheapest accountants in town, but certainly aren’t the most expensive either.
  4. You don’t get charged extra for phone calls. You can call us at any time without worrying about the clock ticking.

About us

Our philosophy is based on collaborating with you, your family, and your professional advisors on your financial health. In our experience, the best outcomes are achieved when everyone is on the same page and pushing in the same direction.

We believe in fixed prices (we’ll try and let you know what you’re up for before we start work), old fashioned customer service (we give the same service you’d expect your staff to give), and making our customers lives as easy as possible.

We also believe in not passing you around the office, or from person to person. You’ll have one main point of contact, and one other person who knows what’s going on. This means there’s always someone around who can help, you, and you get a continuity of staff member.

Hamish Mexted

Director & Dogs Body


A large part of his role is helping customers with their tax planning and asset protection strategy. Getting this right means that families are protected, and the tax man only takes what he’s entitled to. He also focus on helping people understand the fundamentals of business. This might mean discussing working capital requirements, volatility, cashflow management, stock levels and staffing decisions.
An issue he’s seeing regularly is business owners relying on “averages”. They’ll base decisions on the average month, and then feel pressured when they’re below average. We all know that there’s ups and downs in business – it’s about understanding when the downs are coming and planning appropriately.

If you’d like to catch up for a coffee feel free to get in touch – 021 752 270 or hamish@iif.co.nz

Riann Umaga-Marshall

Manager & Surfing Expert

A lot of Riann’s work is based around helping our clients out with cash flow issues.
Developing our clients understanding of cash flow enables them to be ready for challenges when they arise instead of fighting fires after the fact.

We see many businesses hit tough times because they haven’t equipped themselves with enough capital or don’t have an understanding of debt to tide them through a dip in sales.

By analysing the business plan and processes with our clients we can better develop systems for mitigating cash flow issues before they arise.

If you are looking for someone to help guide your business get in touch for a coffee – 04 212 4977 or riann@iif.co.nz

Keitha McClure

Manager & Camp Leader


Keitha is a Chartered Accountant with a number of years of NZ business advisory experience across various client businesses in the public and corporate sectors.

She has spent time working in both large and small accounting firms.

She is a friendly professional with
a passion for helping business owners grow their businesses while ensuring they comply with their statutory requirements.

Out of work you’ll find Keitha spending time with her family, practicing yoga and trying out new recipes in the kitchen with a glass of wine.

If you have any accounting questions feel free to call, text or email at keitha@iif.co.nz.

We’re hiring!!

Looking for an exciting new role?

First up

Rest assured, we value your confidentiality. We will not contact your current employer, and will do our utmost to make sure your interest in this job remains private.

Also, we don’t hire through recruitment agents. This means that you’ll be dealing with the partner at iif (Hamish) during your application. There’s no recruitment agent sitting in the middle.

Why we’re hiring

Sadly one of our team members has left the accounting industry. This creates a space for an exceptional intermediate BAS accountant to join our team.

A bit about us

We are:

Paperless and (more-or-less) 100% Xero
Gold Xero partner, and finalist in the 2015 XeroCon Awards
Finalists in the 2016 Wellington Gold Awards (which we’re pretty proud of)
Constantly improving what we do and how we work with our customers
Aware of and open about our shortcomings
Fast paced and probably a bit OCD about some things
Focused on who our ideal customer is and gear our processes around them
We have CAANZ ATE status
We’re focused on building our advisory capacity, and selling more of this to our customers. We recognise that accounting compliance is limited, and are changing our business model to offer better, broader services.

We have an exceptionally open culture, where everyone knows what’s going on with everything. We share turnover numbers, our wins and losses, and we hold each other accountable to our internal KPIs.

Our customers range from businesses with international branches, to small local startups (and of course everything in between). We help them with regular compliance, planning, strategy, and business growth advisory.

For more on us check out our website, www.iif.co.nz 

A bit about you

We’re looking for someone to join the team who is aware of the challenges and changes facing our industry. We need someone that’s willing to engage with our customers and make a difference to their businesses. We want someone who’s fun and great to work with, and who’s willing to come on a journey with us and our customers.

The successful candidate must:

Have the technical skills to get the BAS work done
Be able to relate to our customers both in terms of how they communicate (both written and verbally) and in terms of what it’s like to run a business
Have at least 2 years’ experience (preferably more) in a CA environment
Be part way through their CA qualification – we may pay out any bonding at your current employer (if you’re finished already that’s a bonus)
Be tech savvy, preferably including Xero and its add-ons
Have a personality (which we’d love to see a bit of in your job application)
They will be responsible for:

Preparing financial statements and tax returns for small and medium businesses and trusts, together with the various reconciliations and IRD discussions
Dealing with customer queries (you’re their first port of call)
Handling new sales leads and networking with other professionals
Meeting with customers and explaining what their accounts mean in plain English
Mentoring and training other staff
Driving internal initiatives, like customer seminars and newsletters
What’s in it for you:

A hard working, but relaxed (no, this isn’t an oxymoron) and fun environment
The ability to grow as the business grows
Access to customers and being able to work directly with Hamish (the sole director)
A rewarding place to work where your opinion is valued and you’re encouraged to try new things (we know, this sounds a bit cheesy but it’s what we’re all about)

How to apply

To apply, please send your resume in PDF format to hamish@iif.co.nz.

Don’t include a separate cover letter. The body of your email will act as your cover letter (no one likes reading covering letters – they all look the same). Because of the share volume of applicants we get, please try and make email interesting. Please.

Please make the subject line on your email “I’m an exceptional BAS accountant”.

As we mentioned earlier, we do not employ through recruitment agencies. So if you’ve left your CV with them in the past, please also send it to us. 

If you’re a recruiter reading this, please do not contact us. We know you’ve probably got a great candidate, but if they’re really that great then they’re reading these ads anyway and will contact us directly. Thanks.

Applicants for this position must have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Eugenie Jones

Accountant & Xero Legend


Eugenie started working here at iif a couple of years back. She knows every aspect of how we work, and what to do when the unexpected crops up.

Eugenie brings an attention to detail for the clients she’s working with, making sure everything is spot on.

That said, while we’re 100% paperless, you’ll still find her with a hand written to do list on her desk each morning – she thrives on physically ticking of her days tasks!

Outside of work Eugenie likes to visit local cafes and go on walks with her family and friends (more for the gossiping then the actual walking!)

Alex Silverwood

Accountant & Office Go-to

Alex is iif’s newest recruit. Alex has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and Human Resources. While being out of university for a couple of years Alex decided that he wanted to become an accountant so took the plunge into study once again. Alex is currently finishing up his last two papers of his post graduate diploma in Accounting.

Alex is here to apply his knowledge from his studies and get a better understanding of accounting so he can provide useful solutions to clients. Alex is keen to gain an insight into how small businesses operate, so that he can develop goals and objectives that will suit any client.

Outside of work you will find Alex in the Gym five days a week or playing a range of sports. Alex enjoys spending his free time with his friends and family. Maintaining healthy relationships is a big priority of Alex and he aims to translate this into every client he works with.

Julia Kelly

Office Manager & Keeping us all Sane

Julia looks after everything from job scheduling and workflow management, invoicing, new customer and process development. In short, she makes sure we cross the i’s and dot the t’s.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to call her on 04 212 4977 or email julia@iif.co.nz


We hire people-people

If you’d like to apply, please send an email together with your CV (no covering letter) to recruitment@iif.co.nz.

In your email, tell us something interesting about yourself. We’re more interested in finding out about you as a person, not your work experience.

We’d love to hear from you

Whether you’d like to schedule an appointment, grab a coffee, or ask a quick question about tax or growing a business, we’d love to hear from you.
04 212 4977
Level 9, 57 Willis Street, Wellington (access also available from 62 Victoria Street)
PO Box 10690, The Terrace, Wellington 6143

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