Xero Tips and Tricks

Keitha McClure ACC, Xero & Addons

Hi everyone Over the coming months we’re going to send you useful Xero tips and tricks. There’s no catches to get you to buy something from us. You’re welcome to ask us for help if you like (which we’re more than happy to offer!), but you’re also welcome to do it all yourself. This month’s tips – how to deal with …

Small Business & the Benefits of a Digital Presence

Riann Umaga-Marshall Business Strategy & Planning, Xero & Addons

The benefits of technology adoption in business is now quite widely known. From increased productivity, higher sales turnover through increased awareness and an online presence but how well do we actually know how our digital practices are impacting our profits?   “How does your business fare when it comes to being digitally fit?” The answer to this would be most …

Xero Seminar

Riann Umaga-Marshall Odds & Ends, Xero & Addons

Xero Seminar Come and see what Xero can do for you and your business or just pop in and share a drink with us. Next month, we are excited to share that we will be putting on a seminar about the benefits and uses of Xero. You’ll be seeing the capabilities of Xero, which includes: Availability anywhere and everywhere Having …

TIP: Using Xero and have an iPhone?

Hamish Mexted Time Saving & Processes, Xero & Addons

If you’re using Xero and have an iPhone here’s a tip – you can now setup notifications to be alerted whenever you have new transactions to reconcile in your Xero account. This will save you constantly logging into Xero to see if the transactions for the day are there or not. It’ll also stop you forgetting to reconcile your transactions, …

Business Performance – Getting a Grip on your Numbers

Hamish Mexted Accounting & Compliance, Increasing Profit, Xero & Addons

iif Chartered Accountants attended Xerocon in Auckland last month. We were excited to hear about the new Business Performance Dashboard (we’re accountants…of course we were excited about something involving numbers). Now it’s finally arrived – here’s how it can help you. The new Dashboard analyses the data in your Xero account, turning it into simple metrics and graphs. These keep …

Throw away that paper

Hamish Mexted Accounting & Compliance, Time Saving & Processes, Xero & Addons

Want to throw away all of your Paper Receipts and Invoices? Here’s how. It’s frustrating to get to the end of the month and have a bunch of paper receipts floating around that you never quite know where to file. It’s even more frustrating when you need to find one particular receipt to keep the accountants happy (sorry!). Receipt Bank …

Quick Xero tip – making Bank Reconciliations easy

Hamish Mexted Xero & Addons

Real-time accounting information from Xero helps us all to make better informed business decisions. The trick is making that information as accurate as possible – with the key to that being accurate bank reconciliations. You’ve all got a spare 3.5 minutes to watch a quick video on accurate bank reconciliations (go on, you’re not that busy). If you really are too …

Xero Payroll is here!

Hamish Mexted Xero & Addons

The much anticipated (well, anticipated for Chartered Accountants anyway…) Xero Payroll system is almost here (it’s live from 1 April 2015). Without getting into too much dull (accounting) detail, Xero Payroll: Takes care of your tax, ACC, student loans and Kiwisaver Lets you offer your staff payroll giving, making it easy for them to donate to charity Makes Kiwisaver compliance …

Your customers & late payments

Hamish Mexted Accounting & Compliance, Managing Cash, Xero & Addons

Everybody (including Chartered Accountants!) has a small handful of customers who pay late. How quickly you eventually get paid by these customers depends on how you chase them for payment. Here’s a few tips on coping with late-paying customers. Payment details There are always customers who have lost your bank details when it is time to pay. To minimise the …

Xero – Purchase Orders

Hamish Mexted Xero & Addons

You can now create purchase orders directly in Xero. Once created, you can send them straight to your suppliers, create a bill from the purchase order, or invoice your customers for your purchases straight from the purchase order. For more, checkout their video: