Stress-Free Debtors – 19 July

Hamish Mexted

We’re excited to announce this new seminar (together with our friends from DebtorDaddy) on keeping the stress out of managing your debtors.

 In this practical workshop, you’ll learn how to create a professional ‘getting paid system’ that virtually runs without you by using modern tools and methodologies. Get back to running your business, knowing your cashflow and customer relationships are protected.

Thursday 19 July, 4:30 to 6:00

Our office—Level 9, 57 Willis Street

You will learn:

  1. How to invoice awesomely, so you get paid first
  2. Why you might be your own worst enemy when it comes to getting paid on time
  3. The common (and avoidable) mistakes people make with their invoices
  4. The tactics used by the best receivables specialists to get paid on time
  5. How to use technology to slash the time you spend chasing late payments
  6. How to create a professional ‘getting paid system’ that keeps your cash flowing every month

If you’re interested in better managing your debtors for improved cash flow and client relations, this seminar is for you.


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