Save time and get your payroll sorted

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Paying your employees is an important task, and one sure way to keep them happy. It can also be a time consuming, confusing and stressful task.

Calculating pays, working out the PAYE, keeping leave records, not to mention paying the right staff member the right amount at the right time, all sucks time out of your day. This is time that could be more usefully spent on your core business.

Fortunately, the team at Thankyou Payroll has developed a free payroll  service for businesses.  They also have paid plans which offer faster processing times.

Thankyou Payroll will:

  • Sort and track PAYE
  • Calculate leave allowances
  • Make the appropriate Kiwisaver and child support deductions
  • Debit your bank account and automatically pay your employees
  • Email branded PDF pay slips to staff members
  • Prepare a range of reports, giving visibility on what’s happening within your payroll

Thankyou Payroll provides you with a cost-free, technological solution to manage your payroll. They make their money off an IRD subsidy, a portion of which they donate to charity. That’s what you call a win-win-win system.

Signing up is really simple and can be done online at Alternately get in touch with us ([email protected] or 04 212 4977) and we’ll point you in the right direction.