The best time to switch

Hamish Mexted Accounting & Compliance

I was asked during the week when the best time is to change accountant.  The short answer is now.  The sooner you’re making more, operating more efficiently and controlling your cashflow the better.

You certainly shouldn’t wait until the end of the financial year – that’s another five months away for most.  By the time year-end rolls around you’ve got other things on your plate and the change never happens.  You’ve also left five months of increased sales, efficiency gains and improved cashflow behind – madness.

Changing accountant mid way through a financial year doesn’t mean you need to change any of your systems, processes or procedures.  Your new chartered accountant will be able to slot in and keep things ticking over.  In fact, through benchmarking, trending and ratio analysis things will tick over more often and more efficiently.

It’s easy to change accountants – you don’t have to do a thing.  Give us a call to find out how – 021 752 270 or info[at]