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We understand the importance of traditional accounting – accuracy and detail is important. We’ve got that covered for you.


We do all the accounting work you’d expect us to. We’ll get your Accounts done quickly, and not bog you down in jibberish. We’ll explain the important bits you need, in a way you’ll understand.

Don’t panic if your records are a mess, if you’ve got a few years to catch up on, or if you have an uncommon accounting system. We’ve seen it all before.


We’re all happy to pay our fair share of tax – we just don’t want to pay more than we need to under law. Our role is to help you understand what you need to pay, and nothing more. Put another way, we’ll help minimise your tax within your appetite for risk.

We handle all aspects of tax, from trading businesses, trusts, rentals, sole traders, contractors and international businesses. FBT, GST, PAYE, RWT, RLT and every other acronym they throw at you.

IRD Debt & Audits

If you’re in a pickle with the IRD, be it a tax audit or tax debt, then we’re your go-to. We’ve seen it all before (so no judgement) and we’ll be able to find a way forward.

For tax debt, our process is to calculate the total debt outstanding, work out what the ‘good’ (or less bad) outcome for you is, identify your real personal and business financial position, then negotiate strongly with the IRD. For tax audits it’s all a game of tactics. What do you want the IRD to see, what would you prefer they didn’t see, and then take it from there. Again, it’s about understanding your ‘least bad’ outcome. For what it’s worth we’re experts in tax audits – other accountants often subcontract their difficult audits to us.


The perception of many is that you don’t pay Income Tax when you sell a property. There’s no capital gains tax in New Zealand…right? Wrong. If you’re a builder, developer, buying a house to flip, or even doing a simple subdivision then you could be up for tax. Understanding what you’ll pay tax on is the first step, and then structuring your holdings properly is the second.


If you’ve got anything offshore then the taxman is waiting. Foreign pensions, investment portfolios and property all have tax-traps lurking in them. Throw those tax-traps in with exemptions in certain situations and you’ve got a good opportunity to plan to mitigate your tax exposure.

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Our aim is to provide you with the support, training and resources to help you build wealth for your family.

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