Building Businesses & Wealth

In our experience, all businesses go through the same phases as they grow.

We’ve gone through it ourselves – turning a good idea into start-up, reaching breakeven, getting through the danger zone to achieve leverage in your business and finally, reaching real scale. We guide business’ through the Business Growth Curve

Put another way, it’s building a business that gives you the time, control and money you went into business to get. Not ending up with a job dressed up as self employment.

To move people through the stages of business, our Services Include:

Business Coaching & Workshops

Every business has things they do which have made them successful to date. Our program is geared to hold tight to those things, while working through a flexible curriculum that exposes you to the skills you need to reach the next level of business. What got you here, won’t get you there – make sure you know what you need to know to reach the next stage.

Planning, Budgeting & Cashflows

Being a business owner can feel like a rat-race (as much as being in a job). There’s always creditors to pay, customers to keep happy, payroll to make, and an unending to-do list. Having a plan for the next 90 days, together with a budget, forecast or cashflow projection lets you know whether you’re on track (or not). We’ll hold you accountable to doing what you said you’d do in your planning, while also helping you celebrate the wins and the progress you’re making. Wine anyone?


The cloud, Xero and the world of add-ons can revolutionise your business. (We couldn’t have grown as quickly as we have without relying on them day-to-day.) They can however be overwhelming to chose, difficult to get your head around, and impossible to implement. We’ve been-there-done-that ourselves so can guide you through the right process to successfully chose and implement your next cloud solution. We’ve got our heads around everything ‘cloud’, from accounting to marketing, CRM, process automation and more. We live and breathe this stuff.

Selling your Business

Selling your business is often difficult at the best of times. It’s your baby, and emotionally it’s hard to let go of. It’s also embarrassing to have a purchaser throw rocks at what you’ve built to talk the price down. It can feel like someone fossicking through your bedroom. Our Exit Planning program is designed to help you identify who to sell to, when to sell, and to help you manage your new found cash and freedom.

Buying a Business

For us, there’s three stages to the business purchase process. Firstly, are you on the same page with the vendor on price. Secondly, does what they tell you stack up and will it work financially. Finally, do you have the understanding and business nous you need to make this thing fly. Our Business Purchase program is designed to help you avoid buying a dud, and to then make you a successful business owner.

To get you started, check out our eBooks

Our aim is to provide you with the support, training and resources to help you build wealth for your family.

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