Building Wealth

Protecting your financial freedom involves (a) creating wealth and (b) protecting it for the future. We’re focused on building wealth for you and your family – beyond just owing a mortgage-free family home or having some cash in a Kiwisaver fund.

We guide people through the journey of building wealth which looks like:

To move people through the stages of wealth, our services include:

Financial Coaching

This isn’t budgeting – just accountability to a plan. We’ll guide you to create a plan for your financial future, agree what you need to spend money on (spending isn’t bad, it just needs a plan), and then hold you accountable to it. The plan could selling or buying property, looking at mortgage structures or buying shares. It’s up to you – the key thing is to have a plan and to stick to it. That’s where we come in.

Managing Money

Good financial behaviour starts with a proper structure for managing your money. Knowing how much you’ve got to spend on particular aspects of life creates permission to spend without it feeling like your own a budget. We’ll guide you through proper money management and account structuring to get ahead on your financial plans.


Most people want to build a rental portfolio. Many don’t though – they get bogged in the detail of where to buy, what to buy, yields, capital growth and how to manage tenants. Our Property Reviews cut through the noise to show you what your property portfolio could look like in the coming years. In short, we’ll push you to do something, rather than constantly evaluating but never doing.


The path to wealth is riddled with risk. The risk of getting sued, making a bad investment, having a Health and Safety claim against you, getting sick. There’s risk whatever way you turn. We’re focused on collaborating with your other professional advisors including brokers, insurers, banks and lawyers to protect you and your path to wealth. We’ll get the conversation going.

To get you started, check out our eBooks:

Our aim is to provide you with the support, training and resources to help you build wealth for your family.

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