Bringing Big Data to Small Business

Riann Umaga-Marshall Business Strategy & Planning, Odds & Ends

The key to moving small businesses forward is ensuring you have access to the right tools. From the team around you through to the information you use to make vital decisions. No matter what size your business is to progress to the next stage you want to be confident you can take that plunge. This is where better more effective data analysis comes in. User friendly, easily accessible and the ability for you to use your data to make smarter more informed decisions.

Xero has recently teamed up with Microsoft Power BI, providing small businesses another way to see what’s going on across their business. It’s big data for small business. Xero partnering with one of the world’s best Data Visualization BI tools enables you to utilize the data you have in your accounting system and derive more meaningful insights into what is happening in your business and be ready for potential opportunities or be proactive about potential challenges.

Information is what enables businesses to make smart, informed decisions. But bringing information together efficiently and effectively into a form that’s simple to digest and understand takes time and can become very costly. We understand that the true value of data lies in the ability to extract insights and the story it paints around the true health of a business.
With the Xero data pack you can monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich analytics available on all of your devices. Microsoft Power BI, which is free for single users, brings together all the information you need to get a complete view of your business, saving time and money. If data analysis is still not your thing we can also use it on our end to extract vital information, see trends and ultimately provide business advice with confidence knowing your information is complete.

Key integration features

Save time – Put your business insights front and center to look for any opportunities, patterns, outliers or inconsistencies. This will save you time by bringing to your attention anything worth exploring in seconds.

Analyze your data – Not only can you see your data in a format that makes sense, you can analyze it with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. You can create visualizations for the most commonly tracked 25 small business metrics including cash position, revenue vs. expenses, profit loss trend, debtor days and return on investment.

Q & A your data – Sometimes the fastest way to get an answer from your data is to ask a question using natural language. For example, “what were total sales last year?” Use Power BI Q&A to explore your data using intuitive, natural language capabilities and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs.

Bring all your data together – Easily view your Xero data alongside other critical business data, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Zendesk and Stripe.

Xero and Outlook – Get your Xero contacts in Outlook and save time communicating to customers.

We know for some people even this level of analytics can be daunting and seem over your head but if you want to reap the benefits of deeper more meaningful insights to improve your business get in touch with us and we can run you through the basics.