How to funnel sales into your business

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We ask clients how they’re going and we normally get the answer, “ughh, Sales are down!”

Why do people always comment on Sales? Because it’s something that we can easily measure, easily understand and has immediate results.

But how often have you had those clients say, “I’ll have a think and get back to you?” It’s common no matter what industry you’re in. What do you do when you get this answer? Just give up?

You’ve already put effort into that client, so make sure that the effort isn’t lost!


The Sales Funnel


We believe that the sales funnel is a great way to keep contact with those clients which may eventually lead to a sale.

 Step One – Free and Easy Content

  • This may be something as simple as a pamphlet or booklet of information or a link to information on your website.

Step Two – Newsletter, Relevant Updates etc

  • This is where you’re able to add the potential client to your Newsletter Database or give relevant current affairs updates
  • Every newsletter is exposure to the client

Step Three – Invite to free Seminar or a Free Trial

  • This allows the client to get a taste for the type of work that you have to offer
  • No advice is given here, just examples of how you can help or how you have previously helped.

Step Four – Paid Trial/Low Commitment Product

  • Where you can give a no contract or low commitment trial, clients will be more willing to take the plunge.
  • The seminar and free trial would have constantly been prompting towards this.
  • This is a big advantage for clients where cost is the barrier

Step Five – Full Sale or Full Commitment

  • All previous steps have led you ending at this stage.
  • Because you have guided the client through the decision without being forceful, the decision will feel a lot more natural.

Obviously there will be those clients who will jump straight to Step Five, but there may be other products or services that will be beneficial to them. You can then work them through the sales funnel but just for the particular product or service.


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