Push The Buzzer!

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Push the Buzzer!


There are many shows where contestants are asked questions and the first to buzz in gets the opportunity to answer.


There’s been a running discussion in the iif office at how we can draw very similar correlations between this, and how businesses tender for work or sell to clients. Sounds crazy but keep reading…


Back to the gameshows, 99% of the time people don’t push the buzzer because simply, they don’t know the answer…yet! Although as soon as someone else has pushed the buzzer, they realise that they actually knew the answer all along and they’ve now missed the opportunity to answer.


What’s the best solution to this? Push the buzzer whether you know the answer or not. By the time you are asked to answer, you’ll know the answer or at least have an idea of how to answer it.


Now is this reckless? Is this the wrong way about it? We’re supposed to be waiting until we know the answer before we buzz….right? This leads to a pattern of not buzzing.


We think that pushing the button and getting the opportunity to answer, even if you’re wrong, far outweighs the cost (and horrible feeling) of knowing, never buzzing and never getting the opportunity to answer.


How does this relate to business? We all can’t seem to agree on one answer in the office but one point we all agree on is that we can see similarities between this, and not only business, but life in general.


So I’m going to keep my opinion to myself and let you draw your own.


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