Business roadblocks, and how to overcome them

Riann Umaga-Marshall Business Strategy & Planning

Businesses come in so many forms, shapes and sizes. They come with different goals, reasons, values and energy. The reasons or purpose for starting out may now not be the reason the owners still carry it on or the original purpose has now magnified and is even more of a driver then it was at the outset. Inevitably, all of these different businesses will come across road blocks that will cause them to stagnate with the feeling of where to from here or because things are comfortable let’s just hunker down and continue doing what we are doing.

To get to the next level or overcome this point requires thought, effort and energy. But change and development to get to the next level on the business growth curve can seem overwhelming and of course when things aren’t on fire we become complacent and push things to the side. All it can take is opening up, identifying the obstacles and designing a road map to guide you through. We love to see businesses we work with go from strength to strength, overcome a hurdle or even expand into something they may have never envisioned.

What we have found to be a huge benefit to our clients is a Discovery Session. This gives them the ability to delve deeper into their business. Stepping away from the day to day running, sitting down and asking a whole range of questions that can help identify the source of the obstacles, the strengths and the weaknesses, the current situation across all areas and getting clear on the company’s objectives going forward. Simply sharing and opening up about the business to a trusted advisor can bring some much needed clarity.

Discovery Session Goals:

  • Review of the business origins and past successes
  • Identifying current road blocks and getting down to the root problems
  • Identifying the current position on the business growth curve
  • Identify what business fundamentals may need strengthening and further development
  • With gathered information and greater clarity we can collaborate with business owners to develop an action plan and solutions to get the business and the owner to that next level of success

The key is identifying where the business is both financially and with regard to the owners understanding of business fundamentals. By gaining this insight we can better structure a plan to go forward that isn’t overwhelming and is at the level the business owner can relate to and develop on. There is no point in regurgitating a whole lot of fancy terms and strategies that don’t relate to the current situation. Find out what you know and build on that then make a plan for what’s to come.

If your business has hit a road block or you are wanting to unlock the potential that will get you to that next level of growth get in touch with us for a 90-minute no obligation business discovery session. You may be surprised by what we can uncover.