The Simple way to get better at business writing

Hamish Mexted Business Strategy & Planning


When it comes to talking, we don’t think too much. Words move effortlessly from our brains to our mouths.

But when it comes to writing? That’s a different story.

We feel pressured when writing an article or an email. Its as if we need to say something clever, witty and powerful. But really, we forget what writing actually is – a way to communicate with someone. Your aim is to get your point across as easily and quickly as possible.

It really doesn’t have to be so difficult. It can be really enjoyable if you approach things a little differently.

Have you ever met anyone in the business who talks like he writes? You visit a store and the person says, “We have ceased operations at this location effective December 10, 2015. For further information, correspondence should be addressed to our headquarters.“

Of course not. That would be very awkward!

Write like you talk instead.

“We closed the store last year. Sorry for the trouble, please call us if you have any questions.”

With practice and effort, it’s possible to speak with respect and precision. After you speak that way, write down what you said.

That’s effective business writing.