Wash, Rinse, repeat – How to run your business like a business

Eugenie Jones Asset Protection, Business Strategy & Planning, Increasing Profit

We often come across business owners with great goals and big plans, however they have no real method in place as to how they are getting there.

Here is a list of seven sections that we believe you should focus on in chronological order.

Advertising – The purpose of advertising is to generate sales leads. There is a variety of different advertising methods, some will work for you, while some will not. Find two or three methods that work for you and stick with them until something better comes along.

Sales leads – Once you have your advertising down, sales leads will begin to come through. The purpose of Sales leads is to eventually sign the client up. Finding a method that works for you and your business style is important. Read more about sales leads here 

Service – Once you have begun turning those sales leads into paying clients you must actually provide the service they are requiring from you. It’s important to find the balance between over and under providing. Basically, don’t promise a service that you know you can’t deliver on.

Referrals – Providing a good service will hopefully lead to referrals. If someone enjoys dealing with you they are likely to tell their family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals either! (ps you get a bottle of wine if you send referrals our way…) Read more on referrals here 

Staff – hopefully by this point your business has grown too big for you to handle on your own. Often skills can be taught, we think it is important to find staff that culturally will fit in together.

Processes – having processes in place allows for consistency. Ideally you should have a process written for each segment of your business. The idea is that if a new staff member comes in, they will be able to follow it. Writing processes down will also help you identify any weaknesses in your business.

Accounting and metrics – once you have your processes in place you should start measuring your numbers. This could include things like, the number of leads per month, the value of the client, and average debtors. This will help you understand what processes are working and maybe where you need to upgrade. If you are using a product like xero these numbers should be readily available to you. Feel free to get in contact if you would like help accessing them.

So basically, advertise, get some leads in, turn the leads into clients, do the work, obtain the referrals, update your processes – wash rinse and repeat!