Who’s on your team?

Hamish Mexted Business Strategy & Planning

It’s crucial that you surround yourself with good people.  These people become your trusted advisors and are people you know you can rely on to help you grow your business, problem solve and move forward.

Amongst others, they could include your lawyer, bank manager, business mentor or chartered accountant.  Alternatively you could have a board of directors or an advisory board that helps keep your business on track.  Whoever it is you need to have a group of people you can go to when you need to throw ideas around, vent frustrations or see if you’re still on track.

You need to have the utmost trust in these people.  Not only that you’re going to get good advice from them, but also that they’re going to keep your state-secrets secret.  They also need to trust you.  Trust you to action the changes that need to be made, and trust you to be up front with the issues you’re facing.

Once you’ve got your group of trusted advisors, whoever they may be, keep them.  Use them as much as you can to help you grow, develop and improve your business.  At the end of they day that’s what they’re most interested in doing – let them help you.

Who do you use to bounce ideas around, work through issues or spill your problems to?