Work on your business, not in it (ha!)

Hamish Mexted Business Strategy & Planning, Increasing Profit

So we’ve all heard it before – you need to work on your business, not in it. It’s become a complete cliche, and because we’re all busy most of the time it never happens…”yeah yeah, I know I need to work on my business but I’m too busy doing everything else I need to do so there’s never enough time”. If only it was easy…

Here’s 5 things I do to make sure we keep working on iif Chartered Accountants as a business:

  1. Focusing on my morning routine – my morning routine involves working out exactly what I have to achieve each day to stay on top of everything. We also have a daily team meeting (10 to 15 minutes) which helps me delegate tasks among the team, and keeps the wheels spinning. This frees up a considerable amount of my time (there’s always more which can be delegated than you’d think).
  2. Time management – Splitting my day into chunks for different activities gives me distinct periods to focus on particular things. For example, I block half and hour at the start of the day for reviewing emails. There’s a few hours for doing work, and few hours for reviewing the work done by the team. The rest is for dealing with sales, and (importantly) planning. This means I’ve always got a solid amount of time put aside to work on the business – it’s a non-negotiable block of time which means we make progress.
  3. Delegate building the business – Your team are probably just as invested in building your business as you are. Involve them in the process and find areas for improvement that they want to take ownership of. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that the more rope you give them the more they’ll impress you.
  4. Hold yourself accountable – An Advisory Board is a great way to hold yourself accountable for working on your business. If you’ve got them on your back to keep making improvements then, the chances are, you’ll make those improvements.

Want to find out more about how you can work on your business, or setting up an advisory board? Feel free to drop us a note.