“Simplifying” Provisional Tax: Accounting Income Method

Keitha McClure Accounting & Compliance, Managing Cash, Reducing Tax

So the IRD are trying (and more-or-less failing…) to simplify Provisional Tax. In a valiant effort, they’re bought in the “Accounting Income Method” (AIM). In short, from 1 April 2018 you’re able to pay Provisional Tax based on your business’s profits. The idea is good – pay your tax when you earn the money. The detail isn’t so good – …

What the election means for taxes  

Riann Umaga-Marshall Accounting & Compliance, Business Strategy & Planning, Odds & Ends

  Labour’s come into the hot-seat of Government and is promising some changes. They’re focused on social reform, housing issues, education, health…and tax. On the tax front, they’re after a tax system where everyone contributes ‘fairly’. Rightly or wrongly, the implication is that the current system isn’t ‘fair’. The view, and again rightly or wrongly, is that everyone isn’t paying …

The Bright-line test

Alex Silverwood Accounting & Compliance, Managing Cash, Odds & Ends

Most of you will have heard the term ‘Bright-line test’ being passed around in conversation, but how many people really understand what it means? This article explains what the bright-line test is and how it’s applied. The bright-line test will apply to residential properties for which an agreement to purchase (note this isn’t settlement date) was entered into, on or …

What do my accounts mean?

What do my accounts mean?

Hamish Mexted Accounting & Compliance, Managing Cash, Odds & Ends

Blink. Blink. Wow, I’m a mixture of utterly bored and confused… That’s what goes through the heads of many business owners when they’re running through their Financial Statements. Understanding Accounts or Financial Statements is tricky at the best of times. I’ve seen time and time again, people wanting to understand but not having a basic grasp from which they can …

Six questions you should ask

Six questions you should ask your customers

Hamish Mexted Accounting & Compliance, Managing Cash, Odds & Ends

Asking your customers five simple questions once you’ve finished a job is essential. Yes, it can be uncomfortable – you’ll sometimes hear things you don’t want to hear – but without hearing that feedback you can’t build your business. Here’s six questions to ask your customers once you’ve ticked “job done”: 1. Are we easy to do business with? This …