“2017 is the year I’m going to……..”

Riann Umaga-Marshall Business Strategy & Planning, HR & Managing Staff, Increasing Profit, Managing Cash

How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution and not stuck to it? Set business targets at the beginning of the year, and not really given them much thought after that? Or set vague goals that don’t really mean anything?

These 5 simple tricks will help you set better goals, and keep you ‘on mission’.

  1. Write them down

Writing down your goals automatically creates a sense of accountability, simply because you’ve actually sat down and put some real effort into it. This works even better if you stick them somewhere where you will see them regularly. A pinboard in your office, in your diary, or even on your bathroom mirror.

  1. Associate each goal with your ultimate vision(s) or dream(s)

It’s all well and good to set targets, but if you don’t really know why you want to hit them, what’s the point? If you know why you want to achieve each goal, it will make it easier to commit to them in the long term.

  1. Make them SMART

Your business goals might range from gaining new customers to increasing your profit figure, or even extending your operations overseas. No matter what size your goals are, you cannot achieve them without firstly setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Time framed) goals.

  1. Don’t just “set and forget”

If your goals are team-focused, set aside a weekly or monthly meeting where you meet with your team and report your progress toward each goal or target. This works best if each team member is responsible for certain tasks or projects relating to the target. Creating accountability increases transparency and makes teams more productive.

If your goals are personal, set a reminder in your calendar to regularly review your goals. Have an outline or checklist of what you wanted to achieve by each review, and assess your progress. Keeping yourself accountable will help you step forward steadily. It’s also rewarding knowing you’re tracking closer and closer to the end goal.

  1. Work with a business coach

The most effective way to keep yourself accountable is to have someone keeping you accountable. A business coach will discuss your vision, and help you set specific and relevant goals. Meeting with a coach regularly will keep you on mission, and help you organise what needs to be done, and in what timeframe.


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