Meet The Team – Keitha McClure

Keitha McClure HR & Managing Staff, Odds & Ends

As one of the new members of the iif team I’ve been asked to introduce myself!

I’m New Zealand born and raised. A true Wellingtonian at heart. After completing secondary school at Saint Mary’s college I went and studied Accounting and Commercial Law at Victoria University.

Why on earth did you become an Accountant?

Accounting was a natural progression after deciding that my calculus skills weren’t up to scratch to be a successful economist. I had a lovely economics tutor at university who assisted me with this decision. I also really enjoyed some of the accounting courses I covered at Victoria.

My passion for accounting has developed from here and it’s been enhanced by the people I get to meet and build relationships with, both clients and colleagues.

What’s the best part of your job?

Helping clients manage their businesses well by completing the compliance work and being a sounding board for their important business decisions.  I enjoy getting to know people and understanding why they are in business and what drives them.

What’s the worst part of your job?

Having to break the news to clients when they have an unforeseen terminal tax bill.

Explaining to people (including my 11-year-old son) that just because I’m an accountant doesn’t mean I’m a math whiz. Thank goodness for excel!