Sales Reps & Their Top 5 Mistakes

Hamish Mexted HR & Managing Staff, Increasing Profit

Always at the worst moments, sales reps seem to call. But what is it that makes us so opposed to salesman over the phone or even face-to-face?

To uncover some answers, we’re going to reveal the top 5 mistakes that sales rep make with us. These aren’t necessarily mistakes that are isolated to Sales Reps either.


#5 – Lying or deceiving

We often get calls from Reps who are genuinely selling a good product. We then begin to ask questions about the product to see if it’d be suitable for our needs. However when we ask a question that the rep doesn’t know, or the product doesn’t cover – be honest!


#4 – Thinking you can Sell Anything to Anyone

Some reps call us with products that either just do not suit us, or we’re just not interested in. However they always seem to have the mindset that they can still make the sale. They need to recognise that not every person is going to be a fit for their product, and should act accordingly. Instead of wasting their time trying to force a product upon someone, simply end the conversation and move onto the next prospect.


#3 – Smothering

 Once we finally get off the phone with an unsuccessful rep, we naively think that that is the end – but no! Que the morning and afternoon “follow up” emails and the weekly calls either asking the same questions or wanting to know if we’ve “made a decision yet”. One piece of advice for reps who call us; fine, follow up with us but don’t smother!


#2 – No Follow Through

 If we are interested in the product, we ask for more information. The rep will promise they’ll send some information through and then follow up to see if we have any questions on a certain date. We then don’t hear anything back or we get a different person trying to sell us the product again. Be sure that if you say you are going to do something – actually do it!


#1 – Talking Too Much

Have you ever picked up the phone to be bombarded with a whole lot of words – and you don’t even know who you’re talking too? All too often we are showered in jargon and generic sales pitches. This is also true when we ask a question and the rep isn’t sure of the answer. They should slow down, introduce themselves properly and firstly ask, when is a convenient time to talk. Therefore if we give you a time to call back, we’d be more open to a discussion.

These are our top 5 mistakes that sales reps make with us. It may just seem like we’re having a moan and you may be right. However a lot of these points are relevant to a variety of businesses and there may be points here you identify that you can improve on. I know there are one or two I need to work on myself.

As always if you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to contact any one of the team – we’d be more than happy to assist.