A bit about iif

Hamish Mexted Odds & Ends

You might have noticed that there’s not a lot around here at the moment.  That’s because we’re new.  New ideas, services and ways of working.

We’re business advisors and chartered accountants, but we don’t quite fit the usual mould.  Rather than being a historian and looking at your past performance, we look forward and get alongside you to build your business.   I guess you could say we’re not your regular, grey-haired, cardy-wearing accountant.

We’re about innovation in an industry that’s stood still for too long.  How?  By making sure everything we do adds value to your business.  The figures are important, but there’s more to improving your business than just numbers.

One example of how we help our clients improve their businesses is through our year-end Business Improvement report.  This report replaces your regular year-end accounts, which normally sit in the bottom draw (gathering dust) and are never looked at.  To help add value to your business we prepare the Business Improvement report to look at year-on-year trends, key business drivers and comparisons against others in your industry.  This is just the beginning of how we help clients.

Want to find out a bit more?  Give Hamish a call on 021 752 270 or just keep reading.  Do you have ideas on what you think your accountant should be?  Post a comment.