Happy new year!

Hamish Mexted Odds & Ends

Happy new financial year!  No doubt, like us, you were all up popping the champagne bottles as the clock struck midnight.

On a (slightly) more serious note, now’s the time to start gathering your information for your accountant.  The more complete and accurate your records are, the quicker your accountant will be able to prepare your 2012 accounts.

Ideally this information should, at a minimum, include:

  • Bank statements showing the balance at 31 March
  • Your accounts payable and receivable (people who owe you money, and people you owe money to)
  • A cash value of your stock on hand at 31 March
  • Details of any investment income earned during the year (for example dividend and interest income)

At iif Chartered Accountants we’re firm believers in the benefit to our customers of getting the annual accounts completed promptly.  That’s why we guarantee to get accounts completed within 15 working days of us receiving the information we need.  Ask your accountant to turn around your accounts as quickly as possible so you’re also able to benefit from timely accounts.

If you’re interested in finding out more about iif Chartered Accountants give Hamish Mexted a call.