Meet the Team – Hamish Mexted

Hamish Mexted Odds & Ends

What did you do in the weekend?

Most of my weekend was spent hanging out with my kids, taking them to Lamb and Calf day (the fair for my old primary school) and basically keeping them out of the house…otherwise it’s like a tornado through the place.

Truth be told, I put the photo of them up to make sure people clicked on the article I wrote for our newsletter. We have an internal competition to see who’s article gets the most reads…baby photos always win.

Why did you become an accountant?

To be honest I’m not that good at maths (especially in my head). So, at some level accounting is a surprising home. That said, I had an exceptional accounting teacher at High School so have stayed with it (if you read this…thanks!).

I guess the real reason I became an accountant was because of my background. All my family are self employed and run small businesses. I’d seen the support and advice they’d received from their accountants (and in some cases the advice they hadn’t received), and had some idea of what it would take to help them manage their cash more effectively.

Where do you come from?

I’m born and bred in Wellington, growing up in Pauatahanui, going to HIBS in Upper Hutt and then onto Vic uni.

What’s the best part of your job?

Having business owners share things with you financially that they don’t share with many/any other people. That knowledge puts us in a unique position to help them shape their direction with their business, but also their broader personal financial wealth.

Something people don’t know about you

I went to boarding school in Japan for a while, and also taught English in a small French village.