Meet The Team – Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly Odds & Ends

Born and raised in rural Taranaki, I decided to up and move to Wellington for University 3 years ago. Since then I have not looked back. I am currently only weeks away from completing my Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law and hope to start studying for my Chartered Accountancy within the next year or so.

Why did I choose Accounting?

I have always found numbers easier to understand than the likes of Science and English. Therefore, I just carried on with what I was good at and the passion grew alongside it.

I have also found Accounting to be in every aspect of life, making it very relevant to money management, buying your first home or running your own business.

Any other Interests?

On Tuesday nights I am down at the waterfront playing Indoor Soccer with team mates from a local Wellington bar, which gets quite competitive for a social league. Previously I’ve been part of the Victoria University Social Basketball, played Netball and Cricket in High School and have always kept up with Rugby and Cricket.

I try to travel back home, as often as life lets me, to catch up with family, friends and to visit our little farm at the back of Hawera. It is a very nice, calm and slow atmosphere compared to the city, and being there puts everything back into perspective.

As iif is my first insight to a real accountancy firm I am looking forward to growing and learning within this industry.