Meet The Team – Pritesh Chavda

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Meet The Team – Pritesh Chavda, Senior Accountant

Hey Everyone.  I am the most recent addition to the team at iif Chartered Accountants.

I have lived in Wellington my entire life and attended school at Rongotai College (yes – I went to school with the Savea brothers) and later went on to Victoria University of Wellington to study Accounting, Commercial Law, Economics and Finance.  Straight after University, I worked in a large international CA firm for 3 years, before moving into a finance role in the public sector for the last year.

In my spare time you will find me at the gym all seven days of the week participating in team training activities, playing indoor/outdoor football or touch rugby, helping out in the family business, or volunteering at local community events.  I also enjoy networking and meeting new people so if you see me out and about do not be afraid to say hello.


Why did you become an Accountant?

To be honest, I never studied Accounting at college and I left school with the view that I would take up a trade.  However, my dad convinced me to give University a go first.  It was during this time that I found accountancy (and did surprisingly well!).  The rest is history.


What do you enjoy about working at iif?

The culture and the people at iif are amazing.  The culture is open, honest and relaxed.  We are far from your stereotypical “boring” accountants.  We enjoy working hard and having a bit of fun as well as you would have discovered in the Meet The Team Articles we have published.


What is your favourite movie? (A question I ask many people I meet)

Back to the Future – I am a sucker for time travel.