Meet the Team: Riann Umaga-Marshall

Riann Umaga-Marshall Odds & Ends

This time around it’s our newest team member, Riann Umaga-Marshall. Here’s what she’s got to say…


After some time away from the business advisory and accounting world I have returned with a renewed energy. I am excited to get on board and provide outstanding service to our clients whether it be advice on a business issue or sorting a query with the IRD.

I am married and we have three beautiful children. Due to my husband’s work the past 5 years has seen us living in 2 different countries, 4 different cities and 5 different homes whilst adding two more children to our family. Life has been full of excitement, learning and growing in many different ways.

Before all this change I worked in a CA firm here in Wellington where I developed my core skills. I then took a role at Telecom that gave me a wider range of experience. Away from the corporate world while growing my family I have dabbled in online share trading, and developed my love for health and fitness by starting a fitness business with my husband in Titahi Bay where I live.

After this whirlwind 5 years I decided it was time to return to our roots and let our children grow up kiwi kids. I also decided at this time I wanted to get back into my accounting career and when this role came up I thought right away it was for me. I had always been told “I wasn’t your average boring accountant.”

In my spare time (who has spare time when they have three kids?). I should say, outside of the office, I spend my time working on our fitness business, attending hot yoga, beach walks with the kids and just really being in the moment with my loved ones appreciating life.

Why did you become an accountant?

To be honest I wanted a career that had the potential to earn lots of money. That got me on this track but now after a refreshing time away I am back and I really want to help businesses grow but also be able to encourage, mentor and help more Maori jump into business ventures.

What is the best thing about working at iif?
I love the fact that as a firm we are really energised to learn new things, develop new and innovative products and we can easily bounce ideas off each other.

What is your favourite part of the job?
Coming back to a client with a solution to something that has been holding them back or weighing them down. It is so satisfying when you can help someone out or provide an insight to keep them moving.