Paperless Future

Eugenie Jones Odds & Ends

With technology becoming more prevalent in today’s scope of business, the paperless office is to becoming more common.


Here at iif, we are almost 100% paperless, not only due to the societal push towards environmental awareness, but also because of the advantages it allows.


An office full of boxes and filing cabinets tends to look messy and unprofessional, not to mention the difficulties that entail looking for various documents. Electronic documents do not take up physical space, and locating them is far more simple (it is important to implement a standardized naming system!)


There are cost savings involved with being paperless, as printing, mailing and storage spaces are reduced.


Being paperless also allows employees to work remotely without the hassle of carrying important documents to and from work.


Aside from the practical advantages, being paperless offers a way to improve your environmental footprint. Focusing on environmental sustainability could also be a selling point for potential customers


The benefits that arise from being paperless tend to translate into a more efficient workplace; less time is wasted searching for documents, less cost is involved with physical storage of documents and customers can receive and supply necessary documents quicker.


We understand that it is difficult to transition into being a paperless office, and maybe it isn’t practical for you, however if you do want to talk more about this topic and get more insight into the programs we use feel free to get in touch!