Rugby in your business?

Hamish Mexted Odds & Ends

Being a Friday, with the final of the not-to-be-named rugby tournament a couple of days away, we were wondering how rugby concepts could be applied to the business environment.

The first analogy is the game plan.  Without a game plan for your business, your progress will be muddled and lacking direction.  Your team needs to know where you’re going as a business for them to be able to push you to where you want to be.

The second is the forward pack.  You need the grunt-work done perfectly so your flashy-backline has a product worth selling and can get the deal across the line.

The IRD play the role of the referee.  The penalties dealt out by the IRD are harsh so you certainly don’t want to drop the ball.

The scoreboard?  Does your accountant play that role?  Do you have KPI’s to measure your performance?

We could go on, and on, and on with other analogies but you’ve probably got the drift by now…