Six tips for successful referrals

Hamish Mexted Increasing Profit, Odds & Ends

We all know how important referrals, and the all-important ‘word of mouth’ marketing, is to any business. It can make or break you at times! Here’s six essential points you need to know:

1. Don’t just demand referrals
People refer to people they like. Make friends, demonstrate to your ‘new’ friend that you can help, offer them free advice, then explain how important referrals are to you. It’s even better if you can send them referrals yourself – people refer to people who refer to them.

2. Picture your perfect client
You are the best person to answer this question and if you can’t do it, how can you expect people to refer you and your business. You need to be very specific, providing as many details as possible. The quicker you know your “perfect client”, the closer you are to getting your “perfect referral”.

3. Why you?
One big problem that people face when in business is not knowing what sets them apart from their competitors. You need to be clear in your mind about what you do, what you have to offer, and how you rise above everyone else. When you can explain this to yourself, you will be able to confidently explain this to the others.

4.What is it that you can actually help with?
Once again, gaining a clear picture in your mind of what you do, what problems you can solve and how you can help your clients will better help your referral source understand the kind of people to refer to you. Once they understand the type of problems you can help with, it will almost become instinctive for them to recommend you to someone who face similar problems.

5. Will you ‘walk the walk’?
People can be reluctant to refer clients as a poor service not only reflects badly on the business, but also on the referrer. Get in touch with your primary referrers, explain the process you go through with your clients, how you follow up and the procedures you have in place. Even encourage them to talk to your current clients (if they are happy to do so), to build a positive reputation and rapport.

6. Are referrals even important to you?
Of course they are! But you need to let your source know that you rely on them to build and grow your business and that, of course, you appreciate any business from them. When you gain clients from a referrer, get in touch to let them know – a simple thank you email can make a big difference!

A quick closing – we love referrals as much as you do!
We’d love it if you could refer us either:

  1. An entrepreneurial  business owner who’s looking to improve the performance of their business or
  2. A property investor who is looking to grow their rental portfolio

We can obviously help them with their accounting and tax. We can also help them advice to help them manage growth and monitor their real-time performance. For more info get in touch with the team at iif Chartered Accountants – [email protected]