Team Building – Getting on the same Wave

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Team Building – Getting on the same Wave

We have been working pretty hard over the past year – highlighted through our Gold Award finalist nomination. So early this month we were lucky enough to enjoy some time out and do some team bonding during a weekend escape to Sydney.  The lure of cheap flights, wotif accommodation deals and a chance to explore another city had us on a 3-day trip to our neighbour Australia.

By far the highlight of our trip being a team building experience in the surf at Bondi Beach in the middle of winter, which to us Wellingtonians was fairly mild. That was until Hamish unapologetically requested to wear two wetsuits. Anyway, it was nothing pretty to watch but everyone got stuck in and had such an awesome time. From the not so flattering figure hugging wetsuits through to battling the tough current it was definitely a memorable event.

Check out the pics to see your accountants in action…

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