The election and your business

Hamish Mexted Odds & Ends

Have you thought about how the election will impact on your business?  What opportunities would National remaining in power create for you?  Alternatively, what would a Labour-led government with a strong Green influence mean?  Is there anything you can do now to improve your ability to take the opportunities presented by the next government?

For example, National is proposing to “get tough on loan sharks”.  If you’re in the finance game, would the policy put you out of business?  What changes could you implement now to meet the requirements set by the policy?  Alternatively, does your business already meet the requirements of the policy?  Could you point to this in your advertising to improve your market share?

Any Labour-led government would have a significant Green tinge to it.  This may create an opportunity for you to capitalise on the Green’s environmental policies.  Say you produce equipment to reduce the emissions from older vehicles.  New policies may impose more stringent requirements in this area, particularly in relation to the importation of second-hand vehicles.  You could consider ramping up your marketing now to capitalise on any short-term opportunities created by these policies.

Obviously there are a lot of “what ifs” around an election.  However there still may be things you can do today to improve your ability to pick up new contracts, prospects, suppliers or ideas post-election.