The Importance of a FAQ page

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The Importance of a FAQ page

FAQ – “frequently asked questions.” With your company website being potential clients first port of call when wanting to find out more we think it is very important to have their most frequently asked questions answered. The answers are typically shown with the questions and will be specific to your service/product.

Some of the benefits of having a FAQ webpage…

  • Improves your Google search rankings by the inclusion of keywords in your questions and answers – What are your business’s key words?
  • Saves both prospects and yourself time; they get instant information
  • Improves sales conversion; helps prospects to reach a decision
  • Extends support to clients; Helpful for new users of your product or service

Where do I start with my FAQ’s page/list?

To write an effective FAQ page, simply think of the questions that prospects ask most often. Do they ask about your products features? Do they request proof of credentials? Are they seeking directions to your store? Whatever it is that your prospects want to know, incorporate into your Q & A. Ask your current clients what they would have found beneficial when searching for you.

For many people, FAQ pages are often the first page they go to after Home. The value an FAQ page brings to your website is well worth the effort in doing one. Unlike most other pages of your website, your FAQ page should be one that you update on a regular basis. If a prospect poses an interesting question you haven’t heard before, add it to your FAQ page.

And most importantly remember the ‘Call to Action’

At the end of the FAQ, make sure one of your last questions is a call to action. Tell the prospect how she can get more details, request further information or buy from you. After reading all that great information, she should be ready to take the next step, so be sure to guide her along.