Digital marketing

Where to begin with digital marketing

Keitha McClure Odds & Ends

Often knowing where to begin is the hardest – it’s certainly true for online marketing. A good way to start is with Google Primer. Find out more here.

Everyone wants their website to make the phone ring, and to get leads from their social media. At the same time most people bumble their way through digital marketing – there’s no science, plan or reason behind why they do what they do.

The reason for this often is that people don’t know where to start. Digital marketing is big, daunting and unknown. A good place to start is Google’s (free) Primer App. It delivers bite-sized marketing lessons to help small businesses build their business.

It’s covers a vast range of topics, covering the practical (like understanding analytics, or measuring engagements) to the more strategic (like identifying audience, or the best approach to sell).

Get your digital marketing right and your business could get leads that would otherwise slip through the gap.

That creates another problem, albeit a great problem, of how you’ll serve the new customers. It’s then questioning how you’ll scale to manage those customers, without increasing costs or dropping margin.


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