Hamish Mexted Odds & Ends

Many of you may have noticed that our emails are looking a little different and may have even noticed that they are coming from a different address.


What have we changed to and why?


It’s a system called Zendesk. Zendesk enables everyone within the team to essentially operate out of one inbox. This allows a faster response time and for your email to go to the correct person.


For example, if  a question were to come in regarding PAYE, either myself or Shreyas would be the best to answer your email. However if we aren’t in the office that day, someone will see that the email hasn’t been answered and will be able to reply to you.


What are the differences that you’ll notice?


A new email address

  • Previously, all of our emails came from our personal email address ([email protected], [email protected]) but now you’ll see that the email is comig from [email protected].
  • Although it will be from the team email address, it would have still personally come from one of the team just like any other email. (There aren’t robots in the back ground writing our emails!)
  • You are still able to email to our personal email addresses as well – we’ll still get them.


New email layout

  • Below you’ll see an example of what an email from one of the team would look like for you:








  • You’ll also see a message that says “Please type your reply above this line”.
  • This just allows the system to keep the email chain together so that there’s a history of our conversation.


New attachment feature

  • Previously if an atttacgment was sent from us, it would come up in the attachments sectio of an email. Now the attachments will show as a link below our email signature.
  • Moving forward, we’ll be pointing this out in any emails where we are attaching documents.


In short, you’re still able to email our personal email addresses and we’ll still get them. You’re also able to email any of the team at [email protected] and the person that you address in your emil will still get it. However if the email would be better answered by a different tem member, it may come from them.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please feel free to get in touch with us on 04 212 4977, either of our personal email addresses or by using [email protected].