The Process

We know changing accountants can seem like more hassle than it’s worth – you might think we’re all the same, and the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. Rest assured we’re different, and we make the change as simple as possible We’ll even break up with your old accountant for you!

Yes, you might get asked a few extra questions to get everything sorted, but long term you’ll be in safe hands. You’ll also walk away with a plan to build your business and increase your wealth.

Here’s what works best in our experience:

Step 1:

Initial catch up (coffee or wine anyone?)

This is to find out if there’s common ground between us and if we want to work together. If there is, great, let’s keep talking. If not, no problem, it was good to meet you!

We find that a simple chat is the perfect way to introduce ourselves and make sure that you understand every detail of what we can offer.

Step 2:

We’ll arrange a Discovery Session

The Discovery Meeting is designed to help us fully understand you and your business. This way, we’ll know what proactive advice you need to run your business.

We prefer to involve your other professional advisors in this to ensure everyone is on the same page. If you’re not working with other advisors, we can introduce you to people we work with (they attend at no charge, and no obligation).

Step 3:
Our Recommendations

After the Discovery Session with you, we’ll put some thought into the issues you’re facing. We’ll then create a plan to work through over the coming years. At this stage, you’ll receive some fixed prices so you know the investment required.


Step 4: 
We’re underway!

Let’s get moving. We’ll arrange the transfer over from your previous accountant (and break up with them for you if that helps). We’ll fit the plan to build your business around your timeframes and budget -just whatever works best for you. There’s also flexible payment options  (like monthly payments) to help manage your cashflow.


Your Other Advisors

In our experience, many customers are left to play Chinese Whispers between their professional advisors. They’re translating messages (which are often difficult to understand) and pushing to get things done. Despite this, things often fall through the gaps. It’s essential that all your advisors are on the same page.

Instead of you engaging with them one on one like this:

You should have them surrounding you like this

We recommend that you bring your other advisors (lawyer, broker, coach, banker) into the Discovery Session to keep them on the same page. It’s also a good opportunity to reset your relationship with them and get things moving again. That said, if you’re not working closely with them today, or you don’t feel comfortable bring them in, we’re happy to introduce you to people we work with closely. We don’t get paid for introducing you to them – we only refer to people we think are exceptional at what they do.

As a start, checkout our eBooks:

Our bigger aim is to provide you with the support, training and resources to help you build wealth for your family.

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