Have you thought about your key internal processes?

Hamish Mexted Time Saving & Processes

Many businesses don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what they do. They do what they do because it’s what they’ve always done. They haven’t considered whether what they do is the most efficient way of doing things, nor do they consider whether there’s a better way.

iif believes that if you improve your internal processes you will build a better business.

Processes and systems can help you control basically every aspect of your business. These range from debtor control to staff management, customer satisfaction measurement, cashflow and more. The key is to identify firstly the factors critical to the success of your business, and secondly the factors which cause you problems on a day-to-day basis.

Once you’ve identified the various factors you can build a process around each one. This will enable you to better control aspects of your business.

An example of a system/process iif Chartered Accountants helped a client to develop was managing staff efficiency. Without going into too many specifics, the business was struggling to get staff working efficiently at the beginning of the day (the morning coffee was taking too long). iif helped the business owner develop a check list of the things each staff member had to do first thing each morning. This meant the business owner’s expectations were clearly communicated to the staff and the staff were clear what was, and wasn’t, acceptable.

Once the process/system is developed it’s critical that you hold yourself accountable to following through on the process. That’s something for another day…

Does your business have internal processes and systems that could be improved? Give Hamish Mexted at iif Chartered Accountants a call today.