Meet The Team: Hamish Mexted

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This time, it’s my turn to complete the “Meet the Team” article…something I’ve been putting off for as long as possible!


Here’s the standard frequently asked questions I get…


How are the babies?

Great thanks! Beau and Harry are just over 8 months old…boy does the time go fast. Here’s the obligatory picture…


baby 2baby1


Why on earth did you become an accountant?

No real reason to be honest, I just fell into it at School and then University. Truth be told, I’m not even that good at mental arithmetic (calculators, fingers and Excel are my friends).

The thing I enjoy the most about it is how we’re put in a position to help people firstly identify, and then solve, the problems they’re facing. The conversations I have with people along the way is why I do what I do.

Setting up a business on my own felt like a natural next step four years ago (again, boy time goes fast). My family are all small business owners so at some level I was always going to ‘give it a go’ myself (small plug – if you need a great Auto Electrician call Berry & Mexted Ltd on 232 4067 and Dad (Lance), Mum (Julie) or Brother (Andy) will look after you.


How do you get such good staff? (Seriously, yes, I do get this…I’m not just putting it in this article to butter them up.)

To me, good staff are people that get who we are, and what our customers are looking for. Because of this, I’m looking for people with the right cultural fit – if they fit in then everything will work well.

The consequence of this is that recruitment takes much longer than it should.  It’s easy to find people with the right skills, but hard to find people with aligned values.


What’s the best part of your job?

Accounting gives us an opportunity to talk to people about the things that really matter to them – money, and the future direction of their businesses and investments. Having the ability to shape that direction is exceptionally interesting.


What’s the worst part of your job?

A customer asking me to add something up in my head. Typically embarrassing.