Meet the Team: Shreyas Gadgil

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Hi everyone! I am the newest member of iif Chartered Accountants.

I am originally from India, but lived in Ireland for 3 years before moving to New Zealand in 2008 with my family. Having moved from Ireland, it was quite easy to fit into the Kiwi environment. I completed my high school in Wanganui and decided to go to Victoria University of Wellington to study Accounting and Commercial law.

Moving out of my parent’s house and flatting here while doing part-time jobs and studying has been very challenging but also exciting. In the past few years I have gotten better at time management, cooking (I make the best butter chicken!) and driving through the narrow streets of Wellington.

In my spare time I love playing football, cricket and going to the gym. I also love travelling and I am lucky to have been all around New Zealand. Being a big football fan you will find me playing fifa on my Xbox 360. I also go back to Wanganui some weekends to catch up with my family.


Why did you become an Accountant?

While living in Ireland, one of my subjects was business studies. This grew my interest in business and accounting and I decided to take Accounting in Year 11 at Wanganui High School. Since then I knew I wanted to become an Accountant and I am planning on becoming a Chartered Accountant.


What is the best thing about working at iif?

I have recently joined iif and everyone has been very welcoming and very helpful. I love the open and friendly environment and I look forward to coming in to work.


What’s your favourite part of the job?

There is no specific part as there are so many different things and I am learning something new every day.