Quick Xero tip – making Bank Reconciliations easy

Hamish Mexted Xero & Addons

Real-time accounting information from Xero helps us all to make better informed business decisions. The trick is making that information as accurate as possible – with the key to that being accurate bank reconciliations.

You’ve all got a spare 3.5 minutes to watch a quick video on accurate bank reconciliations (go on, you’re not that busy).

If you really are too busy, here’s a quick overview:

Use this to match the info from your bank against invoices loaded into Xero.

Use this to create a new transaction (when you haven’t already loaded an invoice into Xero)

Use this for transfers of cash between your bank accounts that are loaded into Xero

Not sure what to do with a transaction? Leave a note in here and we’ll tidy it up for you. This helps your accountant (us!) to tidy up anything you don’t know how to handle.