Cloud computing

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There’s a lot of buzz around about cloud computing – but many aren’t quite sure what it is.  In short, cloud computing is using software over the Internet.  There’s a range of applications, like your Internet banking, which can help you run your business more efficiently.

Cloud computing can help you in a number of ways.  Firstly, you don’t need to back it up meaning there’s little risk of losing your data.  You can also access it from anywhere, freeing you up to work from wherever you want to be.  It’s scalable meaning it can quickly grow with your business, it can reduce the total cost of your technology infrastructure, and can help you streamline your processes to do more with less resources.

Here’s a small selection of some apps we think are pretty good:

Xero – World’s Simplest Accounting Software

Super simple, online accounting software to help you manage your business.


WorkflowMax – Job, Time & Invoice Management Software

Manage time, jobs, quotes and processes to ensure productivity.


Capsule CRM – Easy Online CRM

A simple online CRM system to provide a complete picture of your customers.


Office 365 & Suite Files – Take Your Business to the Cloud

An ever-growing kit bag of tools, based on Microsoft Office 365.


Minute Dock – Less Time Tracking, More Time Earning

Designed to help people who bill by the hour track and invoice their time.


This is just a small selection of the apps available.  Contact Hamish Mexted at iif Chartered Accountants to discuss what’s best for you and your business.  Getting them up and running is often easier than you’d think – get onto it now to help you build your business.