QuoteRoller…irresistable proposals

Hamish Mexted Time Saving & Processes, Xero & Addons

Next up in our series of Xero add-ons and cloud products, today we’re looking at QuoteRoller.

QuoteRoller can help you create (in their words) irresistible proposals in minutes.  Using either their default templates, or your custom built templates, you’re able to spend more time growing your business and less time writing proposals.

They’ve also got clever in-proposal analytics.  These tell you if your client opened the proposal, how much time the client spent on the pricing page, whether they reviewed your existing portfolio and more.  You also get instant notification when they open the proposal, enabling you to follow up efficiently and improve your proposals over time.  Ultimately this will help you increase your win rate.

For more, check out their intro video, or give us a buzz.