Small Business & the Benefits of a Digital Presence

Riann Umaga-Marshall Business Strategy & Planning, Xero & Addons

The benefits of technology adoption in business is now quite widely known. From increased productivity, higher sales turnover through increased awareness and an online presence but how well do we actually know how our digital practices are impacting our profits?


“How does your business fare when it comes to being digitally fit?”

The answer to this would be most small businesses don’t know and wouldn’t know where to start to find out how well they are doing when it comes to technology and their digital journey. This is where Xero has come up with an innovative tool to help you gain insight into your businesses use of digital technology.

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The Digital Journey Assessment tool is based around a series of questions. It takes around 10 minutes to complete and it provides you with valuable insights around your businesses digital presence. Find out what you are doing well, what could be done better and what you should really focus on improving. You are provided with the steps to take to improve your businesses digital use and it looks at areas such as social media integration, website usability and online marketing.


There is no longer a choice in todays’ business place not to have an excellent digital presence. Customers often look first to find a service or product online and do their research there – so if you can’t be found online what are the chances you are losing valuable sales to a competitor with a much better digital presence.


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