Throw away that paper

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Want to throw away all of your Paper Receipts and Invoices? Here’s how.

It’s frustrating to get to the end of the month and have a bunch of paper receipts floating around that you never quite know where to file. It’s even more frustrating when you need to find one particular receipt to keep the accountants happy (sorry!).

Receipt Bank is the solution.

Receipt Bank is an amazing cloud based tool (like Xero) to help manage those pesky bits of paper. The idea of it is that as soon as you get a receipt or invoice, you take a picture with your phone and fire it off to Receipt Bank (you can also forward then any receipts you’re emailed).

They’ll then automatically pick up who the receipt is from, the date and how much it’s for. They’ll then automatically create an invoice in Xero for you to pay, and attach a photo of the invoice.

Because they’re saving a copy of the receipt against the invoice, you can throw the original paper copy away. You’re no longer having to do the mundane data entry into Xero, and not having to work out where that bit of paper should be filed.


If you think that you or your business could benefit from using Receipt Bank, please get in touch with one of the team at iif Chartered Accountants.


We’re also happy to organise a training sessions with one of the fantastic team members at Receipt Bank. They’ll help you learn the ins and outs as well, as some time saving tips.


They’re great to work with and we definitely recommend it.


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