Timely…Online Appointment System

Hamish Mexted Time Saving & Processes, Xero & Addons

Continuing our series of Xero add ons, today we’re looking at Timely.

Timely is an online appointment system for any business operator that takes appointments for their services (like clinics, salons, dentists, personal trainers, doctors, cleaners etc).  By making the booking process simpler for customers, Timely aims to make scheduling easier and reduce no shows.  Being based in the cloud, it also works anywhere and on any device.

In their words:

Your appointment system is the cornerstone of your business and Timely is built with that in mind. We’ve nailed the basics, making Timely super easy and fun to use for your staff and your customers. But more importantly, we’re linking Timely up with the latest trends and technologies to bring you new customers and save you time managing your business.

For more, check out their video: